Christmas Tree Farm, the pros and cons

It’s that time of year again! And while it may be too late for your Christmas tree decision making this year, I felt it necessary while on the top of my brain to write out the pros and cons of fake and real Christmas trees! 

First things first, we went to get our tree on December 1st. Some farms near us were flooded with the Seacoast, NH rains that we have had, but we ended up at a great local farm just 20 minutes down the road. Indian Hill Farm in South Hampton, NH. The first lesson: people tag their trees back in October, making tree pickings slim for folks like us who went in December.  It was muddy and pretty scarce… compromise was the name of the game. I love fat and wide trees, while Matt likes them leaner and more what you might consider a picture-perfect tree. 

Now, I have had the tree in our house for a few days and I feel like this tree is a big responsibility… here are the cons. 

CONS OF A REAL TREE (and pros of a fake one)

  • Watering – I can barely keep a house plant that requires water every week, this thing goes through almost the entire tree stand’s worth in one day 
  • Needles –  this isn’t too bad, but requires getting the vacuum out every so often to clean up 
  • Ornaments – Our fake tree in the mudroom (where our wood stove is and would dry a real tree out very quickly) hold ornaments really well, all I have to do is bend the branches to secure everything perfectly
  • Cash money – Our tree this year was $65, it included any size, so it is a bargain for large trees…. YET, it is more expensive than our fake tree which will last year after year 


  • THE SMELL – I love the smell of a real tree, nothing beats it.  We use scentsicles on our fake tree, but it isn’t the same as the real deal 
  • THE EXPERIENCE – As much as I have cons about trekking in the mud trying to find the right tree, there is something very magical about getting your tree and sawing it down to bring it home… I think that is the biggest pro that outweighs all the cons. 

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy your trees!